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Meeting point
at The Bar

Nationality, age, it doesn’t matter at R Guesthouse!
Share a drink or a bite with us!

Many travelers from all over the world come to R guesthouse everyday.
Despite our different nationalities, it’s easy to become friends when we share a drink together.
R Guesthouse, in Sakuragawa, isn’t downtown Osaka but you will feel as if you came to New York.

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BBQ, Hot-pot, Takoyaki party etc...
We all like traveling. let's create memories together,
even if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime encounter (“Ichigo Ichie”)!

Story time!
One day a girl from Spain said that she wanted to eat good Yakiniku (grilled meats).
So we decided to start BBQing at R Guesthouse! From then on it became a regular event for R Guesthouse.
Guests, neighbors, friends and more all spend great times together.

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Dormitory 15 beds

Our guesthouse may look tiny, but it is very cozy!
We have custom-made bunk beds, and our bathrooms are always clean.
Breakfast is included!

Living room, kitchen, shower room.
R Guesthouse is close to public baths(onsens), a laundromat (24h),
supermarket, discount supermarket, and a parking lot.


R Guesthouse is directly connected by bus to Kansai international airport.

The city center, Namba, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, Osaka dome, are within walking distance.
Universal Studio Japan, is only 20 min away by train.
Kyoto, Nara, Kobe are within 1 hour by train.

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Staff Profile

  • 坂本 竜一
    Name Ryuichi Sakamoto(owner)
    Birthplace Born and raised in Osaka
    PR Point You can ask Ryuichi about good spots for sight seeing, good restaurants, and good places to visit in the Kansai area.
    Hobby His hobbies are traveling, hiking, snowboarding, and listening and sharing music.
  • 竹田 晴香
    Name Haruka Takeda
    Birthplace Tokushima Prefecture
    Sanagawachi Village
    Profile Haruka is from the countryside in Tokushima. Her hometown is famous for strawberries, Sanagouchi village.
    She moved to Osaka to become a hair stylist.
    When Haruka works behind the bar, she prepares special cocktails made from the fruits her grandmother sends her! The honey is harvested by her grandfather. Please share memories of your trip with her !

5 questions to understand the owner:

  • Q1. Why did you start this guesthouse?
    A1. While I was traveling outside of Japan,
    I found the best connections and experiences through guesthouses.
    I wanted to be able to bring this experience to travelers in Japan!

    When I was traveling I got a good impression of the countries
    I visited when I stayed at a good guesthouse.
    So I decided to start my own guesthouse.
  • Q2. What do you want to do in the future ?
    A2. I want to create more incredible memories
    with international tourists and great people, like you!
  • Q3. What are the good things about starting this guesthouse ?
    A3. Everyday is very fun, I can make friends from all over the world.
    (And then everyone invites me to their country :D)
  • Q4. What activities do you recommend in Osaka?
    A4. Hiking, followed by a refreshing, cold beer (super cool !).
    Ending a beautiful day with a soak in one of the most special Onsens in all of Japan!
  • Q5. What Message do you have for a guest ?
    A5. Start planning your trip!


Information of activity ! We have interesting options for you !

Hiking, Mt. Rokko, and other mountains are near Osaka.
Walking tour, and food tour, Osaka is famous for foods and everything is within a short walk.


1day manager

Do you want to share something new in our guesthouse,
that travelers gather from all over the world ?

For example, you can bartend, or run a cafe.

  • Bar manager
    (18:00~24:00) Open to beginner bartenders
    We provide the place you make drinks
    You can consult about the price, how often open in a week
  • Cafe manager
    (11:30~17:00) Open to beginner bartenders
    We provide the place you make drinks
    You can consult about the price, how often open in a week
  • et cetera
    Looking for an organizer for events!
    (Takoyaki party, photo exhibition, watching movies,
    art exhibition, cooking classes, etc... )
    If you have something you want to do, please contact us !